If I have a new boiler, will I need new radiators, hot water cylinder, controller etc.?

Not new radiators, but 90% of the time a new hot water cylinder and controls will be required.  Replacing hot water cylinders is usually due to energy efficiency legislation, new controls because older ones may not be compatible with new boilers.

What length of warranty do you offer?  

On fitting Viessmann domestic boilers, manufacturers 5-years parts and labour warranty.  All other parts are covered by 1-year parts and labour warranty.

Do you service boilers?


Are the boilers reliable?

Viessmann boilers are generally very reliable and combined with 5-year warranty give peace of mind.

Will they really save me money on my gas bill?

Generally speaking, a properly installed and commissioned Viessmann system boiler will save 20-30% gas consumption over a non-condensing boiler.

Do you fit any other types of boilers?

Not often.  We are so impressed with Viessmann products that we prefer not to use other makes of boiler.  However, we are, of course, willing to discuss options with our clients.

Do you do boiler repairs?


Are you registered with Gas Safe? 

Yes, our Gas-Safe business registration number is – 595792

Can the boilers you fit run on LPG?


Do you carry out power-flushing of heating systems?

Yes, using Kamco pump and chemicals.

How long do boilers usually last?

Viessmann boilers have a suggested lifespan of 15-16 years.

What are the boilers’ Eco-credentials?

They are innovative and have very clever controls, please refer to their website for further details.  www.viessmann.co.uk

Do you charge for an initial consultation?


Do I have to have the boiler located in the kitchen?

No, boilers can be located virtually anywhere these days.  We often fit them in airing cupboards, lofts, garages etc.

Do you fit boilers in commercial premises?

Boilers up to 70kW, and multiples thereof, yes.