Equipment blurb

Combination boiler: Makes hot water on demand and heating.  No hot water tank required.


Storage combination boiler: Allows much higher flow rates for the hot water out of just one box. Floor mounted.  No hot water tank required.


Heat only: as the name says, only makes heat; no pump or controls.  Requires hot water tank if hot water required.


System boiler: This boiler also contains the system pump, diverter valve and controls package.  Requires a hot water tank if hot water is required.

Let's Build Something Together


We fit predominantly Viessmann boilers.  Viessmann UK import 2 model ranges of each of the above boilers into UK. Both boilers are sedbuk A rated and when fitted by us they come with the Viessmann 5 year Parts and Labour warranty.

The Vitodens 100 is designed as a standard boiler, while the Vitodens 200 is much higher spec boiler. It has better combustion control, a very good weather compensation system and the ability to interface with multi-zones and solar input.

The biggest difference for many people is the physical size of the boiler; the 100 is more compact than the 200 version.