An annual service is a check that the boiler is working safely.

This is very important on older boilers, as they don’t have as many safety features as modern, high-efficiency boilers.

However, all boilers need to be checked to ensure that they are operating safely.

Many issues can effect the performance of your boiler.

Servicing is a preventive measure; it’s a inspection, to clean and obtain readings of gas and flue gas. A service might find faults or conditions that will influence the safe operating condition of your boiler.

For example:

  • Lack of gas.
  • Flue blocked by plant growth.
  • Dirty heat exchanger, etc.

By checking that all the readings and installed conditions are to the manufacturer’s instructions, your gas safe engineer is checking your boiler is safe.

Additional checks can be performed to check the heating system and controls that the boiler drives:

  • Check for correct operation.
  • Check for efficient operation.
  • Check operating conditions to see if it promotes long life.

A boiler service is not a boiler repair.

If the boiler isn’t working, it or the system will first need to be repaired before a service can be carried out.

Please note:

Fault diagnostics is a chargeable service in addition to repair and servicing.